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The Jara Approach

Jara means extra!

Jara is a term used in Nigerian vernacular to demand a little extra. We are here to do that little extra for you. 

Parenting is a verb that we often take to mean one’s actions toward a child. However, I believe that the work of parenting is primarily about the parent. The activity of parenting is a series of behaviors. These behavioral decisions are a result of how you metabolize any relevant information available to you. Therefore, the work of parenting support lies in helping you decipher your sources of information and how you are making sense of them.

This is rooted in a Cognitive-Behavioral orientation that teaches us that it is not what happens in the environment that shapes our experience. Rather, it is how we choose to receive it that will determine what our experience is.

A Parenting Approach for Today.

Even without the deluge of information in today’s society, we each have a myriad of personal sources of information that we use to make decisions. Everything from how we feel and what we believe, to our hopes or dreams and what we expect from life, combined with the articles we read and stories we hear, all interact to inform our parenting behaviors. Not to mention, the very real past experiences that make up our personal sense of the world in which we are raising children.


It is my goal to help you grow into the whole parent you want to be. I think of myself as a guide who is here to help you navigate the labyrinth of information you have to operate with. To do this, we will take four main steps:

  1. Evaluating your Parenting Needs

We begin with an initial no-fee consultation session to discuss what prompted your search for parenting support. It is important to have a clear picture of what growth areas you have identified in your parenting, so I will help you clarify what you want to get out of this parenting support experience.

  2. Exploring your Strengths

Once we decide that your family's needs and my expertise are a good match, we can begin the deep dive.

Many parents have many areas where they view themselves as a success. It is always useful to keep these in mind as we navigate the sources of information that dictate parenting behavior. I believe you are an expert in yourself and your family. I will help you find the strengths you already possess in order to empower you on this journey of personal and interpersonal growth.


  3. Supporting your Growth

Now that we have identified what you need and what you have, we can focus on the gaps in information. Knowing where you are strongest, we can begin to discover the missing information that will get you where you want to be. Based on the cognitive-behavioral orientation, we discover new ways to receive old information so that the interpersonal experience of parenting can become what you want it to be.

I may provide you with new techniques to try, then we will devote support sessions to practicing (such as role play), and then evaluating your experiences in applying them.  

  4. Maintenance

Throughout this process of change, we will carefully keep track of what we are learning about you, the parent, and what processed information you bring to the parenting arena. We troubleshoot any obstacles to change and modify our approach where necessary. We therefore end with a full picture of your default modes of operation, an understanding of how you process information to positive or negative ends, and the unique changes that must be maintained to achieve your desired growth.

As each of us is different, so is our experience and understanding of the world. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach to parenting, so it is my expectation that parents are flexible and open to new ways of doing the work of parenting. It is also my hope that you will come away from this experience with a deeper understanding of who you are as a parent, as well as customized solutions that fit your lifestyle as well as specific parenting goals.


Please feel free to explore the Frequently Asked Questions section and reach out to me with any further inquiries. It would be an honor to guide you toward becoming a whole parent.

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