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Frequently Asked Questions

How is parenting support different from child therapy?

Unlike child therapy where sessions are held primarily for and with the child, parent coaching focuses on the parent as the primary client. This means that instead of focusing entirely on a child’s mental health, parent coaching can assess all aspects of a parent’s life that may be affecting their family relationships. Think of it as a more directive and practical approach, specifically aimed at supporting your parenting activities. It's been known to change child behavior by proxy.


Is parenting support what I need?

Jara Parenting recognizes that not all families are ready for specialized help. We also understand most parents are not familiar with this type of support. I encourage you to contact me with any specific questions to help you decide. I would say that parenting support is right for any parent who thinks they could use a little extra to arrive where they want their family to go.  


Can you be my child’s therapist as well?

I am a qualified clinical psychologist with plenty of experience providing child and family therapy. I often recommend that parents begin sessions by themselves and then decide whether the work needs to evolve into family sessions. If you think that your child may need individual therapy as well, we can discuss this need and I may be able to help. In most cases, I may refer you to another mental health provider for more targeted intervention. 


Will you visit us at home?

I generally do not need to visit your home nor observe family behavior. However, the necessity of this can be evaluated on a case by case basis as we work together.


When should I start seeking parenting support?

If you are reading this, you likely already have some interest in what parent coaching can do for you. Please feel free to use our “contact me” tab and reach out with any questions. It is better to seek support sooner rather than later, even if on a trial basis.


How many sessions will I need?

It is my hope to establish an ongoing working relationship with the families I work with. I find that as families grow, their needs change so that at every stage it is useful to have that little extra support. If you simply have something specific you need to address, you may expect about 10-12 weekly sessions for adequate consultation and application. Thereafter, sessions may continue on an “as needed” basis.


How much does parent coaching cost?

Individual sessions are billed at $210 per session.

Couple (2 attendees) and family sessions (more that 2 attendees) are billed at $260 per session.

Please message us with any billing concerns, as we may have low fee options and discounts that apply to you.

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