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The Jara Professional

My name is Tumini. I have worked in the field of psychology for over 7 years, and am skilled at providing interventions to children as well as adult and family clients. I am an experienced parent coach and therapist. My therapeutic orientation is integrative. This is a fancy way of saying I combine various methods in order to address the deeper emotional stuff and help with behavioral issues too.

I also enjoy contributing unique ideas to what is already known about family relationships. In terms of research experience, my focus has been on the topic of love and marriage as affected by culture.

You can trust the information and care I provide because I am trained in the application of evidence-based interventions, and I believe in disseminating only information that is backed by good scientific research and clinical evidence.

In my downtime, I like fitness activities such as running and high intensity interval training. I also enjoy crocheting and exploring exciting new vegan recipes to tantalize my family's wholesome taste buds.

I look forward to becoming a part of your village and supporting you and your family in your unique journey.


Specializing in Anxiety, Parenting Strategies & Child/Adolescent Behavior


The work of parenting is fraught with uncertainty. Many modern families are cut off from the kind of natural supports that our ancestors relied on for child rearing. A parent's anxiety can seep into the parent-child relationship to cause unique challenges and emotional discord. I am here to help with that little extra.


We are only human. None of us is perfect. Sometimes, we need a little help, just to see things clearly. When it feels like you are out of options, you need support to keep despair at bay. I am here to help with that little extra.


Behaviors are like sign posts pointing at a person's needs. Sometimes these signs are hard to read. Sometimes we just need help updating them. With several years of experience decoding the behaviors of children and adolescents, I am here to help with that little extra.

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